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An upside-down fairy tale…

Annie Finn hasn’t met a man in the last year she couldn’t fix. Until Brett Connery strolls into her life. Shirtless. So Annie does what any modern-day heroine would do: She rescues him and brings him home to Sleepy Lake. Their connection quickly grows beyond the small-town roots they share, but one question remains:

Will he still want her when he doesn’t need her help?

Brett isn’t proud of his past, but he’s ready to move forward into the future if he can just get back home. Swallowing his pride and accepting Annie’s help is the biggest challenge of all. His story may be fake, but his feelings are real. He has one nagging concern:

Is he just another one of her fix-a-guy projects?

Brett and Annie’s tale may not be one for the storybooks, but is it possible fate—or faith—has joined their paths? Or will the hurts of their pasts keep them from finding their happily ever after?

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