Copyright 2008-2018 Amy Lyon. All Rights Reserved READER REVIEWS “Write that book. Love God and Isabelle.” Amy Lyon took her orders seriously, and in this transformative memoir, the author takes readers on a gut-level journey as she shuffles (less than perfectly) through postpartum depression, the tragedy of losing an infant and intense anger toward God – all while asking the question that plagues so many of us: What on earth am I here for? In time, she proves that - buried beneath the thick layers of sorrow – hope and joy can exist... even if you refuse to believe. Hear a sample Hear this powerful story of loss and transformation narrated by the author This 44-page booklet includes chapter-by-chapter questions, more than 60 verses to consider, thought-provoking quotes and 12 coloring pages... ...and will be emailed FREE with the purchase of any version of Only God Knows Why. AMAZON  |  GOOGLE PLAY |  iBOOKS KOBO  |  NOOK AUDIBLE  |   AMAZON  |  ITUNES  BUY IT NOW Available in paperback & eBook RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES MARKETPLACE Amazon Average Rating Goodreads Average Rating PROFESSIONAL ENDORSEMENTS Click here to order print copies or to redeem your free e-copy CD SET OR USB FLASH DRIVE MEDIA PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE