Copyright 2008-2017 Amy Lyon. All Rights Reserved “Only God Knows Why is an intimate journey of life, pain, loss, faith, authenticity and healing told with gut- level honesty.”     --Dan Collison, author of Church in Translation  “Only God Knows Why offers a story of courage and hope, proving that the human spirit and God’s strength and blessings truly are astounding.”                            --Sherokee Ilse, bereaved mother, parent advocate, international speaker and author of Empty Arms “After the death of a baby, a parent’s being is often shattered … Amy Lyon gives light and hope to others by portraying her challenging grief journey. In her search for meaning, she reveals how the scattered pieces of life’s deepest puzzle are reshaped and purpose returns, but most of all she shows that the love of Isabelle remains steadily constant and will never be forgotten.” --Cathi Lammert, executive director, National Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support “Only God Knows Why cracks open the sorrow and grief that accompany the tragedy of losing a child and digs deep inside to find the grace hidden within. A heart-warming and heart-wrenching memoir.” --Kathleen Fernbach, executive director, MN SID Center What are people saying? EXCERPTS Greeting Card from God This moving excerpt shares the catalyst that spurred the writing of “Only God Knows Why” (3 pages; PDF) In Our Weakness An unexpected visitor arrives at the hospital and shakes the very foundation of the author’s faith. (3 pages; PDF) Little Scarlet Letters The author shares her difficulties with “church” in her early 20s as she sought the missing piece of her life. (5 pages; PDF) BOOK TRAILER: Only God Knows Why Reviews Back Cover Book Launch Party MORE READER REVIEWS
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