Copyright 2008-2018 Amy Lyon. All Rights Reserved Back to Amy Lyon Home What to write in a sympathy card Sympathy cards traditionally offer touching phrases and gentle prose designed to bring comfort to bereaved individuals who are faced with the loss of a loved one. Yet, most of us feel a sense of urgency to add a little something before we sign our names. But what do you say? Here are some ideas: “A moment in our arms, forever in our hearts. We will never forget (name).” “I shall think of him/her as smiling, for what else would one do in the presence of God?” “I have strength to give in your time of weakness. Please let me know what I can do. I want to be there for you.” “I have no vocabulary to express my sadness and sympathy. Words fail me. Please know that I wish you and your family strength.” Or “Please know that I am praying for the strength of you and your family.” If you had the opportunity to meet the individual, write a memory. The words may be bittersweet, but they will undoubtedly be cherished. If you have a favorite Bible verse, you might include it. Understand, though, that in a time of loss, many people struggle with their spiritual relationships. WHAT CAN YOU DO? If you know someone who has lost a loved one, here are some things you can do: Send flowers on the birthday and/or Heaven Day. Use the loved one’s name. (i.e. Remembering (name) on this special day) Leave a microwavable dish or a cooler of food for the family. Offer a blank book or journal for the individual to write thoughts and feelings. Journaling can be very therapeutic. Give a gift card to a local garden center, so the family can buy flowers or a tree in their loved one’s memory Request a date, then bring in a group of people to clean the house or do yard work Plan a fundraiser at a local Legion, VFW or restaurant to raise money to help the family with medical bills, funeral costs and household expenses. Purchase a star in the individual’s memory: Purchase a tree in the loved one’s memory: Acknowledge the loved one in conversations and include his/her name in holiday cards. Direct your loved one to the resources page, which provides helpful websites, online support communities and memorial ideas.