Copyright 2008-2018 Amy Lyon. All Rights Reserved READ A SAMPLE BUY IT NOW Available in paperback & eBook READ A SAMPLE Losing a child isn’t the end of the world. It could be, but it isn’t. So what happens to a mother during and after such a life-altering tragedy? Author Amy Lyon invites readers on her journey as she shuffles (less than perfectly) through the ruins of loss to find that, buried beneath the thick layers of sorrow, hope and joy can exist...even if you refuse to believe. “ incredible story of transformation rising out of an unthinkable tragedy.” --Richard Paul Evans, NYT bestselling author of The Christmas Box When a workaholic graphic designer and a handsome pastor meet at a funeral on the tropical island of Mimosa Key, attraction sparks to life. But the timing isn’t right for either of them.   Andi Morgan suffers a career-versus-family conundrum that only intensifies when Pastor Matthew Cooke challenges her blessed to-do list with a few action items of his own. As Andi navigates the rocky waters of her mother’s worsening health condition, Matthew has all the right words and his comforting touch settles into all the right places. But underneath his wit and wisdom, he harbors a secret that could send her packing sooner than planned… and maybe out of his life forever. Receive news on book release dates, free review copies and contests. **No confirmation email after signing up? Check your spam folder** Download the free Kindle app to read on any smart device or PC BUY IT NOW $1.99 Available as eBook Submit a review for Only God Knows Why: Amazon Goodreads Barnes & Noble Submit a review for Divine Interruption: Amazon Goodreads AMAZON  |  GOOGLE PLAY |  iBOOKS KOBO  |  NOOK Download the free Kindle app to read on any smart device or PC Could this interruption in their lives be a divine sign that the future could only be better together? How much weight can you give your past… Without tipping the scales on your future? Sara Shaw can mix up the perfect blend of essential oils to transport her customers "to happier places," much like the beachside community she's escaped to after a series of traumatic events. Yet she can't concoct the magical blend of time, space and distance to safely shelter her from her past and find a new identity in the future. Jackson Levy knows exactly who he is: An honorably discharged soldier back in Mimosa Key to run his dad's surf shack. Not too impressive, but he tries to make the best of the situation. Thankfully, he was able to adopt his military working dog, Jax, after they were wounded in Afghanistan, which eased his transition back into civilian life. In between renting out beach bikes and snorkel gear to vacationers, Jackson strives to come to terms with this new direction in his life. Easier said than done with an outdated business and a drooping bottom line. But Sara has a knack for marketing and Jackson has a proposal that could benefit both of them. Can they mix their talents to discover the secret formula for success and love? Or will the weight of the past tip the scales against them having a future together? “ intimate journey of life, pain, loss, faith, authenticity and healing told with gut-level honesty.” --Dan Collison, author of Church in Translation “...a story of courage and hope, proving that the human spirit and God’s strength and blessings truly are astounding.” --Sherokee Isle, bereaved mother and author of Empty Arms BOOK TRAILER DISCUSSION QUESTIONS BUY IT NOW $1.99 Available as eBook READ A SAMPLE Submit a review for Divine Connection: Amazon Goodreads

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