Receive news on book release dates, free review copies and contests. (No spam, I promise!) When I volunteered at the homeless shelter in Minneapolis, I often became overwhelmed. There was so much need and so much pain, and I was only one person. I’m sure I sounded like a broken record, telling my friend Jen that it was too draining on me and I didn’t think I could do it anymore. Every night we saw the same people and it seemed like very few of them wanted to escape homelessness. VOLUNTEERING: I didn’t think I was making a difference She was the voice of reason, reminding me that I was focused on me when I should be focused on them.
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As a Minnesota native, I am excited to report that I now  wear flip-flops most days as a resident of Florida’s Space Coast. As a career, I worked in the field of community journalism for 18 years, logging more than 1,500 articles published in newspapers, magazines and specialty publications. In 2014, with news of my father’s cancer diagnosis, I moved to Florida, and that’s when I turned in my reporter’s notebook to more seriously pursue the writing of Stories That Inspire. In 2012, I published a memoir with Chalice Press called Only God Knows Why: A Mother’s Memoir of Death and Rebirth. This was a hard book to write, but so necessary as part of my faith and grief journeys. The book is about our daughter, Isabelle, who stopped breathing at daycare in 2007 when she was 4 months old and died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Our second child, Wyatt, was born in 2008, and has been an absolute blessing. He reminds me over and over again what it means to have faith like little children.   I enjoy reading, watching Hallmark Channel movies, gardening, crafting, and cheering on my beloved Minnesota Twins. No matter how busy I become with writing and treasure hunting on the beach, I am always searching for more ways to help parents in their grief journeys. I list resources for parents on this site and share our story of loss here. I also share memorial ideas on my blog: Remember Our Loved Ones Contact me by sending an email to I’d love to hear from you!