BOOK TRAILER: Only God Knows Why
                 Copyright 2008-2015 Amy Lyon. All Rights Reserved             “Only God Knows Why provides an incredible story                       of transformation rising out of an unthinkable tragedy.” --Richard Paul Evans New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Box Remember Our Loved Ones Memorial ideas to keep your loved one’s memory alive Most popular posts
View all posts Build-a-Bear The first Christmas, we went to a Build-a-Bear Workshop and created a bear in Isabelle's memory. Remembrance Buttons My family and friends wear these remembrance buttons I made for them each year at the annual Walk to Remember. Memorial Garden Spring is my favorite time of year - This memorial garden has been one of the most therapeutic aspects of healing for me.
Perfectly written book on what it’s like to lose a child  By Megan   ...This is an amazing, heartfelt book written   by a momma who loves all her children. I   highly recommend this book to any one who   has lost a child, or anyone who knows   someone and doesn’t know what to say Best book I’ve read in a long time By Jeanne Marie Yesterday I started one of the best books I have ever read -- " Only God Knows Why" by Amy Lyon. I want to ask you to purchase this - for your library, your daughters, your book clubs, your church reading groups. Touching and Meaningful By Jody It's hard to find the words for beautifully written memoir. You must have a box a tissue at all times while reading A my's journey through joy, struggles, tragedy and finding a balance in her  life. There is humor mixed with  sadness within the pages and you'll  want to reach through the pages  and hug Amy. Pieces of her My body remembers Forever Ours: Comfort from an MD A visit from grief on an ordinary day I would have taken off the first day Tags: Amy Lyon author, Amy Lyon writer, infant loss, child loss, memorial ideas, child loss memoir, only god knows why, remembering our loved ones, loss and grief, stories that inspire
Only God Knows Why: A Mother's Memoir of Death and Rebirth