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View all posts RSVP on the Facebook Event Page  or email Learn about the HEALTH and WEALTH benefits of Plexus products during this free, one-hour session. FIRST: A short description of the products and the life-changing impacts real people have had. NEXT: We’ll get into the business opportunity: how to supplement your income or build a home-based business. We’ll also discuss the 10 ways to earn an income with Plexus. A Q&A session will follow. Door Prizes! Giveaways for Every Guest!         Pink Drink Tasting! What it feels like when your body naturally detoxes We’re not talking about those harsh drug-store bought kits that send you running for the bathroom. This is a list of common symptoms that you may have when the cells in your body begin to eliminate those toxic substances that have built up in you.  The many faces of Leaky Gut Syndrome It’s more common than you might think, and the symptoms range from mild bloating and joint pain to excessive fatigue and depression. But there’s hope! Our intestional lining replaces itself every 3-6 days. But here’s what you have to do. Never enough energy: My struggle with fatigue After struggling with depression and fatigue for the better part of my life, imagine my shock when I found that the answer to more energy didn’t come from my doctor’s office. If you don’t see a confirmation email, check your junk folder Plexus is changing lives! About the products Testimonials Join our team! Amy Lyon Plexus Ambassador #409762 Cell/Text: 612-205-1306 Email: Product site: